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  • Understanding the responsibilities, what you can do, and what you cannot as an ethical hacker. TCP/IP protocol stacks. Fundamental theories involved with IP addressing. Types of numbering systems: binary, octal, and hexadecimal. Diverse categories of malicious software, effective methods to protecting your electronic data against malware attacks, styles of network assault, recognize physical security attacks and vulnerabilities. Web tools for footprinting; accomplish viable intelligence tests, understanding DNS transfers and style of social engineering.

    Understanding how the ports work and their roles in electronic data security, port scanning techniques and common tools, function of ping sweeps. Concepts related with shell scripting toward security tasks automatization.

  • Why getting the CISSP certification should increment your possibilities of employment the field of Information Security?

    The CISSP certification is oriented to enhance your knowledge in the Information Security arena, at the time that combines multiple domains and a set of good practices. This certification, among others, is provided by (ISC)², which is a non-profit organization dedicated to develop an agreed of good practices and knowledge in the community of information security professionals worldwide. In fact, is the highly desirable certification in the Information Security field because it maintains the same academic and professional values in any country around the world. Earning the CISSP certification is synonym of respect, knowledge, credibility, and expertise.
    In this course, you will find the most relevant information related to the 10 domains included in the exam.

    This course, as any of the others offered by Advanced Division of Informatics and Technology, USA, is not about “cool Power Point presentations, colors, or any other graphical specialty, a comma, colon, or semicolon, semantic, or mechanical writings.” This course is about knowledge, interesting topics, and current issues in the area of information security. At the end of each chapter, you will find a practice test with the current questions being examined at the moment, and the instructor will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary skills to successfully pass the exam, BUT it depend exclusively of your dedication.

    The ball is rolling in your field, and the decision is all yours...

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The main purpose of the courses available in this website, is only to call your attention about electronic data security issues, share different points of views, and support the community of professionals who are interested in safely interchange resources in digital format. If you have any question (s), you can always contact the site administrator/coordinator at:


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