At ADITusa, Inc. we provide you with state of the art advanced technology so that you may also be a part of that growing number of businesses that conduct a great number of their commercial operations through the Internet, guaranteeing a stable and solid connection and secure transactions.

We posses all the tools needed so that your business may increase sales and earnings, with minimum capital investment, in record time. Even though the electronic commerce is, without a doubt, the sector with the most growth potential for the future, (although it has only grown 136% in the last 9 years and replaced 36% of traditional transactions) the majority of business enterprises have not decided to enter this fast growing sector due, in most part, to lack of knowledge an information. Many organizations, businesses and individuals business owners believe that electronic commerce is only for the large corporations. This fact has caught the attention of the professionals at ADITusa. We will explain to you briefly the generalities of this modern commercial technology and we hope that you will decide soon to brake with the technological barriers.

E-commerce consists primarily of the interchange of goods an services by means of the Internet. It is a means of selling or purchasing information, products and services utilizing the fastest growing means in history, the Internet. But, due to its great popularity it can be a stumbling block for your business if you do not possess the adequate tools. This is why eliminating the technological barriers is of so much importance. E-commerce must be accessible from any computer equipped with any Internet browser and its operation must be simple, flawless and efficient.

There are many levels of E-commerce of which the most popular are:

Retail Sales, (B2C): Business to consumer interchange so that the consumer may acquire the products or services he/she requires, minimizing cost and delivery time of product. In this case, the business will utilize the Internet as a channel of distribution for its products, reducing time and administrative costs, as well as, better production planning in order to remain competitive in their business sector. Included in this category are all Internet sites that sell any type of product and/or service to the general public. Some of its advantages are:

1. Large and small businesses can offer their catalog online and sell their products and services without incurring high costs.

2. Direct communication with customers without the middleman.

3. There is no need for large capital investments or physical inventory in order to sell online, only fast and reliable distribution solutions.

4. Better image projection.

Business to business, (B2B): Usually, this type of commerce is less popular and involves the manufacture and distributor. Some uses of this type of B2B E-commerce are:

  • The manufacturer can expose its full inventory to the distributor, including custom pricing, volume discounts, discontinued items, rebates, promotions etc.
  • Provides online account balance, credits and payments, financial performance reports of the business and other indicators.

Some of the reasons businesses may decide to create a B2B strategy are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved transaction speed
  • Security
  • Improved efficiency

At ADITusa, Inc. we have the technology and necessary experience so that your business may begin to multiply its earnings and reduce operating costs in short order. Why wait?

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