A few years ago, the cost of Software was a small percentage of the overall capital investment in computer based systems. Today, Software' costs represent one of the most expensive elemenst of the majority of informatics systems.

At ADITusa, Inc. it is our privilege to count with the most experienced and highly qualified professionals in Software development, and with the latest technologies for its implementation, which allows us to proudly announce that we have the key to success.

At present, numerous businesses have trusted their future and hired our services, proving our efficiency when evaluating results.

Our software applications are characteristic for their reasonable price, their efficiency, embedded security, and competitiveness and for our low prices in comparison with the competition.

The quality of our applications allows for a high re-application index. This means we can design and program your applications in record time with outstanding results.

We plan, design, program and implement solutions to your problem at your place of business or in our offices.

We develop simulation models, expert systems, informatics audit applications and other informatics systems designed to solve problems and we help you with their application.

We develop your application in record time, at the same time, following established known market quality parameters. As we are able to use many design methods depending on the characteristics an needs of each customer, we will usually recommend the design method by stages.

This method used at ADITusa is based on five basic stages:

1. Data design.
At this stage we transform the main information model in the data structures necessary to implement the Software, created during the analysis.

2. Architectural design.
We define the relationship between each of the structural elements of the program.

3. Interface design.
We describe how the Software communicates with itself, with the systems that it operates with, and with the users that operate it.

4. Procedure design.

5. Implementation, evaluation and testing.

All of our applications have an on-line help application and operation manuals that will allow you to find a solution to the most common problems. Also, our technical support department is available 24/7 and a phone calls away for on-site help.

Even though it may seem as magic, it is not. It is the design and programming philosophy that we use at ADITusa for system development. One of the greatest accomplishments of our annalists is that of maximizing application output, minimizing errors, trial time to implementation deadline and increasing reliability parameters.

An error in Software estimates can be the deciding factor between benefits and losses. The Software results and cost estimate will never be an exact science due to its numerous variables for example: human, technical factors and others that can affect the initial estimate, the final cost of Software, and the time applied to develop the application in question.

Various methods can be applied to estimate application costs, and in this sense, ADITusa, offers an exclusive solution for this initial phase of the project, which may be the hardest task in question.

In addition, ADITusa has a proven, highly edited and well development logic that includes all the phases of the software development cycle. We select, evaluate, and classify projects by type with the purpose of applying mathematical-economic models that best meet your needs and we apply various alternative solutions to maximize software output.

Due to the experience of your professionals, we can provide you with a reduced project cycle and much more dynamic than our competitors. In our database, we have incorporated all mathematical-economic models that allow us to assign a fast an efficient solution, based on our client needs, in order to achieve extremely short cycles, maintaining high levels of reliability and quality of our applications. These are specifically the most relevant attributes that distinguish ADITusa from the competition.

In addition, we deliver your application 100% tested.

We develop applications in the following operating systems, among others:

  • Microsoft Visual Bsic / .net
  • Microsoft Visual C++ / .net
  • Assembler
  • Delphi / Turbo Pascal
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