Technical Support

At ADITusa, Inc. we are leaders in sales processes, installation, preparation, maintenance and troubleshooting of legacy, and the most advanced technologies.

As direct factory suppliers, we offer the best prices in the market as we pass our factory discounts to the customer. Our motto is: "We win, if you win." All of our products carry out factory warranties with the option to purchase extended warranties. We offer free estimates for your hardware and software' needs, where you don't have to pay for what you don't need, allowing the customers to participate in the configuration and selection selection process of their future infrastructure.

At ADITusa, Inc., we specialize in the sales, installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshoot of:

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Local and remote control security systems
  • Microsoft based Networks
  • Video conferencing and peripherals
  • Electronic equipment of all types
  • Web Page design and maintenance
  • Digital design and personal page design
  • Installation and configuration of operating systems
  • Data protection and recuperation, anti-virus software, firewalls

Today, to speak of advanced technologies may seem simple but, it's quite the contrary. The subject turns complex due to the countless software and hardware manufactures, each with its own patents and characteristics. Although most maintain similar quality parameters, the choice can be mind boggling for the inexperienced individual.

At ADITus, Inc. we know the importance of the flawless operation of your informatics and security systems, as well as, other electronic systems. We understand the incalculable losses a business can experience due to system malfunctions and security breaches, and for these reasons, our technical support staff is ready to visit your business 24/7. Just call and try our respond time!

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